For Erte; Functionality is a introductory component that would take the brand to their target, supply benefit to the targeted audience.

Think about an advertisement that makes you say ‘it is a good advertisement’. It is not enough to get the appreciation from the audience to call ‘it is a good advertisement’. Fancy words, fancy animations and the guaranteed way for those big firms is ‘Using a famous cast’... It is almost like a person playing an instrument without knowing anything about verbal notes. ‘Rote learning’ would not lead your company to success. At this point, the functionality of your advertisement would start to take part. The image you have created must be functional. An idea that does not serve for the targeted audience would not help the product to be sold, no matter how big your budget is. The idea of the advertisement should be clearly convincing and needs to have the magic to lead to a sale. It could be loved but that does not guarantee a loyalness.

For this reason, it can be said that the functionality could be considered as the main factor for your advertisements to get a certain character.